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To Hell To Zion patches in collaboration with WovenHoof

9 cm wide // limited to 100: 50 Red / 50 Black
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To Hell To Zion officially out on CD and CS

As of today our EP ‘To hell To Zion’ is officially out on CD and CS. The cassette is hand numbered with a screenprint on tape and box and is limited to 66 copies. 
All praises to our friend Nebil for coming up with this incredible artwork.
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To Hell To Zion officially out now

As of today our EP ‘To hell To Zion’ is officially out on vinyl. It took some blood, sweat, tears and delays, but it is finally here. We are all excited to share with you this body of emotions and can’t wait to hear what you think of it. We like to thank Pelle and Gottfrid Ahman for joining us on this record, bringing magick to ‘The Chain’ and lifting it to a new level.
All praises to our friend Nebil for coming up with this incredible artwork.
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Live shows on hold

A statement from Farida, 15-7-2022:

It is with a heavy heart that I must make the following announcement. Due to some health issues which I need to address immediately and that prevent me from any singing, I will have to put on hold my work for both Gott and Molassess over the coming months. 

This means that all currently scheduled concerts and planned events for the next year are cancelled. 

It’s not a life-threatening situation, I can work on it and will recover. However, it is serious enough that I need to patiently take care of it to come back full force to my duties as singer for Gott and Molassess. 

I’m very sorry for everyone who has been waiting to see us live and bought tickets to our shows and all those that have been working hard to make shit happen. I will make up for this.

Please don’t contact me, I need all my energy to get well.

All the best, 


This means we will move into the shadows again, at least in regard to playing live shows. We will take this time to support Farida of course, but this does not mean that Gott comes to a halt. We are working on new material and sharpening our tools. We will keep you updated about this.

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Merchandise available

We have now added a ‘shop’ button to the site where you can find our merch, as well as a pre-order to the (delayed) EP ‘To Hell To Zion’.

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The book stays closed a bit longer

It saddens us deeply, but due to illness we won’t be able to play our debut show at Roadburn. A lot of hard work has gone into getting ready for this and to have to cancel at the last minute is nothing but heart breaking. Unfortunately there is not much we can do, except to thank Walter for giving us this opportunity. Hopefully we can still play this beauty of a fest in the future.


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‘To Hell To Zion’ out now on all streaming platforms

As of today you can listen to our EP ‘To Hell To Zion’ on all streaming platforms. It contains 3 Gott songs and the Fleetwood Mac cover ‘The Chain’ for which we got help from Pelle and Gottfrid from the mighty In Solitude. Artwork was done by our good friend @_Nebil_. Thanks to all who have helped us creating this record. Hope you all like what we have been up to and to see you at one of our upcoming shows… 

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New song and video out now

Metal injection premieres ‘The colour empty’ which is the first single of our upcoming EP ‘To Hell To Zion’. The video was made by @daily_catharsis who used the cover art of the EP, made by German artist Nebil.

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Roadburn 2022

Friday April 22 Gott will be playing its’ first show, at 9:50pm in the Green Room, 013. Thank you Roadburn for having us and giving us this opportunity.

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Gott on Bandcamp

You can now find us on Bandcamp, where we will release our EP ‘To Hell To Zion” on April 8.

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The beginning is now

The beginning of Gott as an entity and as a sparkle for the heart. Let it be welcomed and praised. A color empty for all you wandering souls, may it comfort and connect. A hymn for all devoted black hole seekers, one in all, all in one… your river Styx.